Have faith that you can accomplish that which you seek. You never would have decided upon it if it wasn’t meant to be accomplished.
— Napoleon Hill

The Big Idea

Ditch the plastic...

As a professional neat freak and amateur organizational guru, packing a suitcase is nothing short of an art form in my house. Spacial reasoning is my jam! My bestie used to marvel at my ability to pack two weeks worth of clothes in a carry-on and still manage spare shoes. What can I say? I like to pack light, but also feel prepared, and where there is a will there's a way. Since my shoes were always nestled next to my clothes and toiletries (using all available space is essential people), I needed something to protect my belongings from the grime of my shoes. Enter the plastic bag. Thank you grocery stores of the Southeast for generously contributing to my clean suitcase campaign.

When I moved to New York City however, I was confronted with another level of need. Now I was commuting to school in a city who's streets were funky on a good day. Furthermore, anyone who's ever donned a lovely pair of red bottomed bettys knows LouBous are not made for walking two blocks, let alone twenty. No matter what heel I was wearing, I always needed a spare pair of practicals on hand. Sometimes I wanted to throw my backups in my book bag, sometimes my purse, and sometimes I just needed to carry them.

I decided to ditch the bulky (and wasteful) plastic in lieu of something streamlined and reusable. My goal was to manufacture a product that wouldn't wind up in our landfills. Planned obsolescence is frustrating enough in the technology realm, I didn't want to contribute to the problem. When designing ShoePax, I chose high performance fabric that was made to stretch (and throw in the washing machine), zippers from the most reputable company in the world, and found a cut and sew factory here in the US that dazzled me with their ability to work with complicated materials and a super simple "see every flaw" design.

The results are pretty nifty.

ShoePax is the last shoe bag you will ever want or need to buy. With three sizes and an array of color combinations, you have plenty of options to choose from. Match your zipper color to your shoes for easy identification or just pick the color combo that speaks to you. Hopefully, with your support, our color library will continue to grow.

Use ShoePax to protect the intricate details and delicate fabrics on your finest shoes, for sure, but don't be afraid to use ShoePax to contain your dirtiest shoe situations either. Protect your belongings. You paid good money for them. And just think, while you are protecting the ones you love, you are doing a whole heap of good too!

A Tall Tale

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