Your SHoepax stories




There are a lot of things I love about ShoePax, but if I had to choose one, it is the fact that I can carry shoes in any purse or bag without worrying about smell or dirt getting on my belongings.

Mary Nell

New Jersey

I have used (ShoePax) on several trips. They are easy and convenient to use and wash really well. The material has a great stretch and feels silky too. I love them and will be keeping them in mind for future gifts... I’m so very pleased with this product!


Rio de Janeiro

My sister-in-law gave me ShoePax as a birthday gift and I was instantly hooked!



My wife bought me ShoePax for business travel and I quickly realized how convenient it is to have a nice shoe bag that protects your shoes and clothes in your suitcase. I don’t have to worry about shoes getting scratched like when you put them together in a conventional shoe bag.