Become A Miracle


Let's face it, You already are a miracle

However, you probably want to know some additional details on the ShoePax "Become A Miracle" mission.



We are making a commitment to give

25% of the purchase price

of each sale of SHOEPAX to charity.

Every Bag. All the time.


Where To?


Donations from Our current Sales will be going to





We were blessed with a good idea, and simply want to use it for good.



Here are the deets...

We are a small company, therefore, I'm sure you will appreciate our need to keep costs down and the master giving plan super simple. Get out your notepads peeps. Here comes the big plan.

     1.) ShoePax is sold to some ultra fabulous consumers directly through our website. That's your part... thanks guys.

     2.) We total up our gross sales for the period and multiply that by our giving percentage.

     3.) We send our donation on it's way to the chosen charity.



Why 25 percent?

Well, I've always been a fan of the number 22, but unfortunately, 22 doesn't make for easy math in this scenario. I also dig the number 3 which, on its own, is piddly. However, when we add that piddly little 3 to my lovely 22, voila, we now have a glorious 25. Yes, 25 is a good number. Therefore, we are making a commitment to give 25% of every sale to charity. That's 25% of the full purchase price guys, not profits.


Do you only give to The ATlanta Community Food Bank?

No. The charity will change periodically. Please don't forget to write in the cause you'd like to see supported in the future (during checkout) so together we can begin CHANGING THE WORLD ONE SOLE AT A TIME.®